A journal to share my travel inspiration, my journeys near and far, the beauty of the everyday and the extraordinary, the cultures I come across, the customs I discover, their arts and craft and their culinary traditions . It’s also a place where I share all photography things, to keep the tech part to the minimum and explore photography as an art form, where the eye of the artist, combined with a skilful hand, is far more important than the tools he uses; where photography is about painting with light and reproducing a dream. And… some online business wisdom that can hopefully help you achieve your dreams and business goals, change your life and gain more freedom.

All posts have a category to guide you so you can pick and read what you like and leave the rest. Below a little overview of what to expect in each category posts.

Japan mountain village

Japan mountain village

the curious traveller’s blog

A diary of many trips, this travelog is dedicated to travel well, travel slow, travel curious and explore travelling as a form of initiation and a discovery journey as much inward than outward. Experiencing is about exposing ourself, is about cross-contamination, transformation and self-growth. Far from being a tourist guide to places, this journal is meant to provide you the inspiration and create the right mindset to make you design your trips and transform each of them in a life enriching experience.

I gather inspiration for my travel from other travellers of the past and present, through literature, art, music and stories shared around a table. My journey begins long before I actually set foot in my destination and the preparation part is as important and enjoyable as the actual travel. It also makes sure that the trip doesn’t stop when I get back home. The journey goes on and becomes part of my daily life, in the recipes learnt, the rituals I have adopted, the new books I want to read and the music that accompanies those moment as the perfect soundtrack. All this is in the travel home session of the traveller’s blog, one of my favourite ones by the way. It requires no additional holidays or budget and can be enjoyed every single day in the comfort of your home during the best trip of all, the one called life.

Bath in a typical late autumn day.

Bath in a typical late autumn day.

the curious photographer’s blog

Photography has been a coup de coeur for me. I approach it late in life, after decades spent building up the person and the career it was expected of me by others. The moment I found it, I new I was home. I finally had a brush to paint my vision of the world with and to express the artistic side of me that I had buried under all that corporate stuff.

Photography saved my life, taught me to see again and bring out my interpretation of the world. So I went on to photograph dreams, the ones I found in far away lands, the ones I encountered at home and the ones that lie just within. The oneiric landscape is rich everywhere you look and provides you with endless creative opportunities.

Here I share all the photography bits, keeping the tech stuff to the minimum. Photography is first and foremost an art form and it should be approached as such. The inspiration and creative process are key and are within everyone if we just take the time to find them and set them free.

As for the technique, of course you have got to have some, yet it can be approached in a way that don’t scare you off. More intuitive and more practical so that it’s learnt while you are doing and experimenting, instead of drowning your creativity and enthusiasm in camera bodies, lenses, numbers and abbreviations…


the exotic larder

Food is always one of the most immersive experiences we have when we travel. A dish we ate years ago somewhere in the far corners of the world can bring us back right there in a minute. It’s such a powerful sensory experience. Colours and textures bring back our eyes to landscapes of the past, fragrances speak of places we knew once and have maybe forgotten, the ingredients and the preparation itself, that ritual of love and creation that is cooking, has evocative powers as no other. So, I couldn’t exclude food from a story properly told. The voyage won’t be complete and travel home will be missing out on the most powerful conjuring practise you can engage in.

This larder is exotic because it is going to take you around the world, but does not necessarily means that the recipes and stories you will find in it are complex and requiring hard to source ingredients and obscure preparations. Exotic to me isn’t the same of exotic to you and the exotic appeal you find here is all about the discovery and appreciation of other cultures, far and near in search of a deeper understanding.

Une Recherche du Temps Perdu, a Babette’s feast or a farewell dinner Chocolat style, grandma’s recipe book, welcome to my recipe collection and to the stories they tell.

woman with black umbrella looking infinity in a surreal place


The wanderlust style is all about wondering and wandering. Be curious and look for new, alternative and less beaten paths. Follow your unique inspiration and lead your way. Never stop exploring and simply accept the established. It’s a mantra for freestyle souls, for people who want to live life in their own terms. In case you are wondering where am I heading with this… The answer is simple. This style obviously applies to business as much as any other area of our life. The wanderlust style is omni-comprehensive, a way of living before anything else.

This part of the blog is dedicated to all those entrepreneurs or aspiring freelancers, who want their work to be the manifestation and essence of the life they dream of. It’s going to address all the issues anyone who is in the creative business or is walking on unknown new avenues face on a daily base. It’s going to provide tools, guidance, insights and tips for navigating stormy and unknown waters, for thinking outside the box, bringing creativity, passion and innovation in every aspect of our work, without mental constraints, self-limiting or self-sabotage strategies.

It’s a place where we can all share questions and answers, come for comfort, encouragement and support. A place of brightness and strength, of love for what we do and how we are allowed to do it. A place to celebrate freedom and the vertigo that come with it, its challenges and yes, its downsides as well.