Milan Revealed

There are cities of evident beauty that is not revealed to anyone and other secret cities that love to be discovered: Milan is a city to be discovered
— Carlo Castellaneta (famous Milanese writer)

Milan it’s not the typical città d’arte, where every corner is a little treasure rescued from the unforgiving passing of time and an eventful history; it’s not loud and ostentatious in its beauty like Rome; decadently opulent like Venice or divinely refined as Florence. Milan is sober and discreet, its wealth and history modestly kept, a real signora who doesn’t need to impress or brag, strong of her substance and refined beauty, proud of her past, confident of her present and self-assured in her forthcomings.

Milan looks forward, projecting into the future the dreams and hopes of a nation; Milan is progressive, hard-working, vibrant and full of life, but it’s all this in an understated way and that’s why it can easily go unnoticed. That’s where I come in. 

There’s no need to be a tourist in Milan

The Milan Revealed experience invites you to step away from the mindset of a simple tourist and open up a wider perspective.

If you are looking for a different and more intimate way to experience this great city, if you want to explore following carefully planned bespoke itineraries that satisfy your unique interests, enjoy the flexibility and independence that single or small group travel provides, then I’ll be happy to be your travel companion.

I love to design and create beautiful experiences of Milan and surroundings for all travel and photography enthusiasts. I can take you to see the main attractions with different eyes or guide you to the off the beaten track with an itinerary that will lead us to lesser known parts.


If you are keen on photography and you want to up your skills, there will be plenty of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, experiment with light and push your boundaries. 

Whether or not you are a photography enthusiast or you simply want to take great memories home, we’ll cover neighbourhoods and streets that have great potential. 


Create a visual story of your journey

We’ll create a visual story of the city following the footsteps of its illustrious residents, from Leonardo to Alessandro Manzoni, Giuseppe Verdi and Maria Callas, and get a deeper understanding of its intricate history, complexity we find embodied in its many architectural styles.

We will hang out in the best coffee shops and restaurants… There are so many on offer, but the best ones are often hard to find and they most probably aren’t the ones you have listed on your guidebook.


Milan is a beautiful city by anyone’s estimation, here there is almost anything you can wish for especially when it comes to food, fashion and style.

Whether you desire a quick bite on the go in one of the countless cafés or pasticcerie (patisseries) to a grand gourmet dinner in a Michelin star restaurant, Milan is ready to serve you.

A shopping heaven and Italy’s fashion and design centre with all the designers flagship stores and the best selection of independent stores, Milan is the Mecca of the well heeled. As the economic heart of Italy, Milan is an industrious city that leads in style and innovation.

Whatever draws you to the city, a carefully tailored itinerary with a few delightful surprises will ensure you make the most of your trip.


Your travel companion

Meet Stefania

I was born and raised in Milan. I love this city and wouldn’t live anywhere else in Italy, ever! I am a photographer, travel blogger and visual storyteller that, believe it or not, used to run a small tour operator and a lodge in Kenya years ago. I am a wanderer who loves to share her passion for travel, cultural exploration, art and literature. I would love to show you my beautiful city.


The Milan Revealed experience includes:

Discussion and preparation of itinerary.

Meet up at an agreed place at 9.30 am and proceed to visit the city as per the itinerary previously discussed.

End of tour: 18.30

Change in timing can be modified upon agreement.


Transports costs

Food and drinks

Anything not expressively mentionedPlease note:

This trip is available for a maximum of four people. For larger groups, please get in touch.

In case of participants with disabilities or special needs I suggest you get in touch before booking. We can then evaluate and discuss together the best solution than I can work out for them.

Please note cancellation or rescheduling is possible up to 7 days before the booking date. After that a no-refund policy will be applied. I highly recommend you to take up a travel insurance.