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Inspired travel is a lifelong journey that takes you inwards as much as outwards and transforms us at every step.

The way we travel can fulfil a deep curiosity and, when engaged with in the right spirit, can be illuminating, educating and deeply rewarding. A guide familiar with the path is invaluable for making the most of the experience.

I have been told that I have an uncommon way of travelling that enables me, and my companions to find more in a place and more of themselves than they might have thought possible.

Nabatea is my cabinet of curiosities if you will. Here I share with you the glimpses of my own travels, and invite you to journey with me. Both in the exploring of these pages and the literal companionship that I offer to other curious travellers and photographers who wish to explore the places I have been.


Come with me…

Hey! My name is Stefania and I am photographer, visual story teller, blogger and educator based between England, Italy and Kenya. I am a wanderer at heart that simply cannot stop wonder. You can read more about me here. I hope this space provides you with inspiration and curiosity…

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Literary travel inspirations from the past

The journey starts always in your mind…

The inspiration for the wanderlust style is derived from travellers of the past, particularly the upper class and aristocracy of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century when to complete their education, they would undertake a long voyage abroad known as Grand Tour. These expeditions were carefully prepared using books, travel guides and previous travel accounts. Attractions were of particular importance, as they would be encounters that will set the atmosphere of the journey to form a person’s life-long attitudes, tastes, intellectual habits, and manners. They were true character shaping experiences.

The journey of a wanderlust traveller is a spiritual and formative experience just as much as it is a mundane passage through lands and people. Along the way you learn that the focus is no longer on your destination, but instead on the journey. Perhaps the most compelling element of this travel style is that the more you practice it, the more you realize it is not really a travel style at all. More appropriately, it is a way of life, because life is our longest journey.


Be inspired to take a trip

Literature and the arts are the source of my inspiration to travel. I find stories or paintings create a sense of wanderlust in me and I base my explorations around those narratives. I paint this journey with photography as a way of capturing the experience and bringing it home. Here you will find the stories, the photo journals and all you need to get you inspired and ready to embark on your own journey should you wish to follow in my footsteps and make them your own.

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Capture your travels in a beautiful way

Photography has been my redemption and what has brought the world to light for me. Here I share the journey but also all you need to know to take beautiful pictures and let them be the diary and witness of many life changing journeys for you.

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Painting memories with light


Travel with me

Let me show you how to travel in the wanderlust style. Join me for a day of travel and photography with an outing in Milan, the Great Lakes area or surroundings areas. If you have space for a longer trip then join me for a full travel and photography retreat. Enjoy a bespoke and intimate experience, where we discover together beautiful places and freeze in time the moment through timeless photography, tons of literary and cultural inspiration so that your journey won’t stop there but will continue home with you.

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Carefully chosen curiosities to keep

The Nabatea Collection is a curated collection of treasure found and collected along the way and brought back for you to enjoy. Unique pieces from all over, hand crafted and created by skilful hand, the collections you will find in our shop are rich in history, rooted in the cultures that created them and all with a story to tell.

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