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I love literary and artistic itineraries, where I can follow the footsteps of illustrious artists, writer or musicians of the past and experience what inspired their work I love so much.

I want to take amazing photos to capture the essence of a place and create great memories in good company.

I want to discover the city but with a bespoke itinerary. Being part of a big group with a rigid itinerary just doesn’t appeal.

I love to explore following a carefully planned itinerary that maximises the potential for great shots, but I don’t know the area well enough.

I want to explore the city with a local, see the hidden treasures, get off the beaten tracks, make the most of my time here and see things from a new perspective.


I’m a photography enthusiast and want to take some time out of my holiday to take pictures but don’t know where to go and don’t want to be a bother to my family by constantly stopping to take shots.


I want to take the chance to sharpen my photography skills and play with my new camera while discovering the city.


If you recognise yourself in one of the following statements,

then you are in the right place.


The way we travel can fulfil a deep curiosity and, when engaged with in the right spirit, can be illuminating, educating and deeply rewarding. A guide familiar with the path is invaluable for making the most of the experience.

Are you a travel and photography enthusiast in need of a travel companion who knows the area, speaks the language and will make your experience unique and unforgettable?

 Are you on a secret mission, need to create a specific portfolio around a theme or a project you are working on and need someone who can help you create an itinerary for that?

If you are coming down with wanderlust fever, I invite you to travel with me in the wanderlust style, the perfect remedy.

Kenya Retreat



milan revealed

Photo walks in Milan

A one day bespoke experience where you can discover Milan with an experienced guide at your own pace. I will work out the best itinerary so you can make the most of your day and get the best photos to take home with you. This experience can be combined with one or more days to discover the many destinations easily reachable from the city.

All curious travellers and photography enthusiasts are welcome, although an interest in photography isn’t essential.

Lake Como-02317.jpg

beyond the city

Photo journeys outside Milan

A one day excursion to one of the many lakes or other beautiful destinations just outside Milan. I will design the best itinerary to cover your areas of interest and to help you enjoy a unique experience of these lovely places full of history and natural beauty. Consequent days to cover more destinations can be booked. This itinerary can be combined with the Milan photography walk.

All curious travellers and photography enthusiasts are welcome, although an interest in photography isn’t essential.


Shifting scapes

Travel and Photo Retreats

Intimate and transformational experiences designed for creatives, artists and dreamers who want to discover inner and outer landscapes in company of kindred souls. As with any Nabatea journey, a well thought through itinerary and all the planning done for you ensures everything is taken care of. All that remains is the pleasure of simply immersing yourself in the wonder of the experience and to go home recharged, inspired and transformed.