The wanderlust guides

A series of mini guides to fuel your inspiration and set you on the right path to travel in the wanderlust style. Some more practical, some less, all certainly unorthodox, these are little tools to help you sparkle with magic dust your explorer soul and provide you with loads of inspiration to tailor-make your unique special trip.

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Egypt - three days in luxor

The perfect itinerary to spend three days in Luxor, making the most of your time, escaping the crowds and the estreme heat without skipping anything you want to see. A relaxed yet fulfilling itinerary that well balances time to rest and enjoy the place with time to visit the many historic marvels of this ancient land. Egypt doesn’t have to be hoards of noisy tourists and sweat. Travel in style and enjoy a memorable visit with the wanderlust guide!

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All you need to know

about visiting Luxor

Egypt - practical tips

A short manual to master all there is to know to make your visit to Egypt a success and enjoy the same ease of travel as you were an habitué. Avoid all the little hiccups and inconveniences that can spoil your journey and just focus on having the best time with this short and to the point guide.

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My practical vademecum that allows me to travel so often and enjoy it every single time. Travelling can indeed be stressful, yet simple tricks and managing tips can really make the difference. Let me share with you all I have learnt in years of intense travels around the world because, if you do travel, is always better you do it in style.