I have always been thirsty for beauty. I grew up surrounded by it and it became a necessary part of my being. The beauty of the little country village where I grew up, the river, Milan and its palazzi signorili, Italy and its unparalleled heritage.

Beauty feeds me. It is the poetry whose melody tells me the tale of life and whose light shines upon the world, unveiling it to me. Thus, the search for beauty is never been a choice but a profound necessity, as the oxygen we breathe and the water we drink.

Travel is my destiny. A life split between continents, first north and south of the equator, juggling between Europe and Africa, today north and south of Europe, Italy and the UK. Home away from home, home everywhere my heart is. A wandering soul feeding from all the places where it dwells without belonging anywhere.

So, Nabatea is for all those romantic souls who need poetry in their life, who need a good story and a special perspective to interpret it. Those who are tired of rushing, always chasing the future, and want to enjoy every moment as insignificant as it may seem. Those who don’t want to run any longer, who have purposely decided to slow down, soak in, free themselves from all the invisible obligations contemporary life ties us with and live the way they feel and be the person they are and want to be.

In Nabatea’s magic wardrobe you will find eclectic, extravagant, eccentric and exclusive fashion, accessories, art and home décor: a melange of items of rare beauty, skilfully crafted, designed to tell stories of far-away lands and enrich our daily lives with the memories they embody. Outside all trends, our pieces are collectibles, treasures of a lifetime, fragments of wearable art. From hand-made jewellery, to fashion accessories, to housewares and art, they provide a buying experience which feeds our deepest aspirations.

As Nabateans used to travel the oceans on board of their dhows and cross the deserts with their caravans to carry the exotic treasures of the East to the West, I am on a journey of discovery of beauty in all its expressions and declinations. I hunt for the unusual and the unknown and carry my cargo of wonders: the silks and the cashmeres, the beads and the gems, the pearls and the exotic leathers – from which we can all find endless inspiration and create a style of our own, fed by the many cultural encounters and aesthetic experiences we come across, we embrace and transform in a personal interpretation.