The three best Instagram Online Courses


Instagram is a social media platform that offers endless possibilities for businesses and free-lancers to market their products and services online and reach much wider audiences that could have ever been possible before without huge budgets for advertising. 


More and more businesses have come to rely on it for most of their marketing and Instagram, in conjunctions with other social media platforms as well, has really changed many businesses’ faces in so many ways: bringing them to a worldwide market, upping their game, allowing them to reach their ideal clients and finally giving them the freedom and confidence to create for their clients better products, better offers and let their creativity loose. 


That is probably the reason why there are so many courses out there trying to help small businesses, creatives and free-lancers to harness and leverage the power of Instagram. It can be overwhelming to try to understand which one is the best for you and where to invest your money.


I have a considerable experience on the matter because in the last years I have taken several of them, firstly because I wanted to use the platform myself and later because having started to develop my own online courses I wanted to see what was out there to make sure mine would be updated and packed with value for my future students. 


All in all, I swear by these three courses and I wouldn’t look any further. 


I won’t be spending paragraphs and paragraphs to illustrate them since all information is available on the website of their curators, but I will just highlight a couple of points per each course that might help you to go in one direction or another.

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Sara Tasker – The Instaretreat


This is a six week course that Sara Tasker, a real authority on Instagram, runs a couple of times a year. Check on her website when is the next launch and maybe subscribe to her newsletter or follow her on Instagram @me_and_orla to be notified when the enrolment period opens. 


The course has been running for years and it’s the perfect match for an absolute beginner. The course is available only in text version and walks you through the basics of styling, curating, editing and planning your Instagram account. It was the first one I took and it was perfect for me at the time. 

The course is moderately priced. I cannot recall if it offered an instalments option.


Jenna Kutcher – The Instagram Lab


This is a 5 weeks course that is available for purchase any time so you don’t need to wait for the next launch if you want to get started. In typical Jenna’s style is a hands-on, actionable, fun course that will help you dive right in. All content is available in video and audio format and you can download the audio recordings if you wish to listen to them when on the move, the transcript of the audio if you prefer to have things black and white, the slides that are always useful as a quick summary of what has been said and loads of worksheets and other material to guide you through the process. Whatever way you prefer to learn, it’s there.

The course covers all the basics of styling and curating, helps you to identify your audience and target it and pays particular attention to captions that convert and photos that will make the scroll down stop. Among the bonuses you have a whole section on editing on your phone and loads of business advice. 

 This course is moderately priced and offers instalments options. Follow Jenna @jennakutcher.


Beth Kirby – Influence to Income

Beth’s is a four week’s course that is as comprehensive as it can be and it’s the latest on the market for Instagram courses having launched for the first time only last month. In perfect Beth’s style the course is an outstanding product that I would highly recommend both to absolute beginners but also to more seasoned Instagram users who want to up their game. If you mean business, this is the course for you. 


The method provided and the worksheets are real weapons you will add to your business arsenal. All content is available in video and audio format and you can download the audio recordings (some) if you wish to listen to them when on the move, the transcript of the audio if prefer to have things black and white and loads of worksheets and other material to guide you through the process. The planning guides are the best!


The course is now close for enrolment and Beth hasn’t communicated when it will launch again. Check out her website for more details and join her mailing list to know when it launches again or follow her on Instagram @local_milk.


This is the most expensive among the three courses I have selected but it’s definitely a good investment for those who are really serious about using Instagram for their business of even for pleasure. There is also to say that is worth every penny. I think it had an option for instalments. 




Soon I hope there will be one more valuable course out there and that will be mine. My first born will be concentrating on photography for Instagram so it will be an addon to most of these courses, going deeper into what type of shoots work best on Instagram and how to create them. As Beth’s says, on Instagram images are king and captions are queen. You need the right images to succeed on the platform and make all other advise valuable. But if your photos are not up to standard, all your effort might go wasted. So, I trust my upcoming course will be an interesting addition to the Instagram online curricula.


I am also very excited to announce that the course will also be available in Italian for all those who struggle with English.  If you wish to know when we go live, please subscribe to my newsletter to be notified or follow me